Operation Christmas Child

Since 1993, more than 168 million boys and girls in over 160 countries have experienced God’s love through the power of simple shoebox gifts from Operation Christmas Child. Samaritan’s Purse works with local churches and ministry partners to deliver the gifts and share the life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ.


Veronica's Story: Every Box Matters

Veronica Miranda received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift when she was 13 and lived in an orphanage in Mexico. The gift made her realize how much God loved her. Now, she packs shoeboxes to send to kids in need because she knows that every box matters.

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Almira's Story: Adopted into God's Kingdom

Almira Bradford learned how much God loved her when she received a gift-filled shoebox while living in an orphanage in Central Asia. Soon afterward, an American couple adopted her. Looking back, Almira realized that God put the shoebox in her hands at just the right time.

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Kululu's Story: A Shoebox Showed Him God Cares

Kululu Atsiaya, who grew up in a slum in Kenya, first realized that God loved him when he received a gift-filled Operation Christmas Child shoebox as a child.

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Marvellous' Story: God Is Always There for You

Marvellous Okonne was separated from his family as a child and lived in an orphanage for a time before being reunited with his loved ones. When he was 8 years old, he received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox and knew for certain that God loved him and would never leave him.

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Justin's Story: Grateful for the Gift

Justin Thomas grew up poor in Southeast Asia, and a prayerfully packed Operation Christmas Child shoebox was the first gift he ever received. Through the shoebox, the love of Jesus Christ became real to him and gave him a desire to continue going to church to learn more about God.

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Josephine’s Story: Made in His Image

Samaritan's Purse recently delivered gift-filled Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes to the Village of Light School for the Blind in Togo, West Africa. Josephine, 12, was one student encouraged by a shoebox gift and, along with her classmates, took part in The Greatest Journey.

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Grace’s Story: A Song in My Heart

Grace Imanariyo grew up in a Christian home in Rwanda and received an Operation Christmas Child gift-filled shoebox when she was 10. She shared the gifts with her friends and neighbors, which provided her with many opportunities to tell others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Today, Grace is a recording artist in Rwanda and shares God’s love through music.

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Nicky's Story: A Simple Act of Kindness

Nick Schweickert received a gift-filled Operation Christmas Child shoebox when he lived in an orphanage in Ukraine and realized that hearts can be changed for Jesus Christ through a simple act of kindness.

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Boun Thorne's Story: Gifts from God

Boun Thorne, who was abused as a child in Cambodia, realized that God loved her when she received a gift-filled Operation Christmas Child shoebox. Now, she tells others how God changed her life through a shoebox given in Jesus’ Name.

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Dania's Story: The Power of Prayer

God used a simple Operation Christmas Child shoebox to show His love to Dania, a girl living in severe poverty in the Middle East, and answer her family's prayer for a much-needed item.

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Mariya's Story: From Mess to Masterpiece

Mariya, an aspiring artist in Ukraine, needed basic art supplies to continue pursuing her creative talents, but her parents were unable to afford them. So, she prayed. And her prayers were answered with the arrival of a simple shoebox.

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Kwale's Answered Prayer

Kwale and his mother were praying that God would provide new shoes for him, so he could return to school. God used an Operation Christmas Child shoebox-with a new pair of shoes that fit Kwale-to answer that prayer. The shoes, however, were just the beginning of the blessings that the Lord had in store for Kwale and his family.

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Amazing Grace for Jaki

She grew up as an orphan in Guatemala and received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift with great joy! Adopted by a U.S. family shortly after she received her shoebox, Jaki has become a gifted musician and testifies to God's amazing grace at work in her life in many ways.

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Yuliya and a Shoebox Packed with Prayer

Growing up in Central Asia, Yuliya received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox as a 9-year-old. God used a stuffed puppy, an Etch a Sketch, and a prayerful note in ways that only became clear to her years later when she began following Jesus Christ.

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Life Change for Daphne in Bolivia

Daphne received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift in Bolivia and then joined The Greatest Journey discipleship program, where she learned about God's love for her. Daphne is now a Christian and she says it's the "most beautiful thing."

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Jasmine's Favorite Items

God Hears Our Prayers: Jasmine and other children in the south African nation of Namibia find good news and great joy as they open their Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts.

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Terry Prayed for a Bible

A Simple Prayer, A Simple Gift: Terry, a young boy in Namibia, prayed for a Bible. The next week he received one within his Operation Christmas Child shoebox.

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Luis: God's Instrument

Luis from Peru was told that he wouldn't amount to anything, but through an Operation Christmas Child shoebox and The Greatest Journey discipleship program, the Lord transformed his life. Now he's studying to become a missionary and training teachers to disciple other children.

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From Poverty to Parliament and the Pulpit

As a poor child in Grenada, Devon received a shoebox gift, heard the Gospel, and came to faith in Jesus. Devon committed his life to serving God and helping others, first as a senator and now as a pastor.

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Moldova: Open for the Gospel

Children across Moldova are experiencing the Good News thanks to Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes and The Greatest Journey.

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Marina's Story

After her mother died, 16-year-old Marina became her grandmother's sole caregiver and was quickly overwhelmed. But an Operation Christmas Child shoebox connected Marina to her local church. There she discovered the love of God and the support Marina and her grandmother so desperately needed.

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A Mother's Prayer

When Luis received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox containing the school supplies he so desperately needed, his mom knew it was an answer to their prayers.

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Veronica's Story

With her mother sentenced to 40 years in prison, Veronica faced her first Christmas in an orphanage. At her lowest point, Veronica received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox that renewed her faith in God and family.

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Operation Christmas Child - Full Circle Story

Hear from shoebox recipients around the world.

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Shoeboxes with Joy

A Filipino woman who received an Operation Christmas Child gift when she was young passes out boxes to children affected by Typhoon Haiyan

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Sharing God with a Gift

Alex Nsengimana, a genocide survivor, returns to his orphanage in Rwanda to give out shoebox gifts like the one he received as child. Watch more of his story of how God used a shoebox from Operation Christmas Child to change his life at www.samaritanspurse.org/alex

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Strengthening Young Faith with Shoeboxes

Meet CJ, a child who found shelter and salvation at a local church during the deadly Typhoon that struck the Philippines in November. Watch as Operation Christmas Child reinforces this young man's faith by sharing God's love with a simple shoebox gift.

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In His Time: Luis's Story

With no money for school supplies, Luis and his mother prayed. God answered with an Operation Christmas Child shoebox full of the exact items he needed. But, as a teenager, Luis was lured into a gang. Could the simple gift and his mother's prayers lead him back to God's plan?

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Good News: Danniella's Story

Thanks to The Greatest Journey, Danniella now shares the Good News with other children in her community. Every Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift is an opportunity to touch a child with the love of God, and every Greatest Journey graduate is equipped to share that love with others!

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A Little Child Shall Lead them

Behind the giggles and songs of Andrea and her siblings, there is a darkness that dwells in her home. The darkness of addiction, abuse and despair is an unwelcome inhabitant there. Watch this video and find out why Andrea says, "Now I can face life and the challenges it brings me in the way that David from the Bible did against Goliath."

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A Light in The House

Experience the impact The Greatest Journey is having on children after they receive their Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts. Meet one girl from Cameroon whose entire life has been transformed since learning about the love of Jesus Christ. http://www.samaritanspurse.org

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A Gift For Prakash

Watch to find out how one little boy's shoe box gift not only changed his life, but his entire family.

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Love Your Neighbor: A Gift of Forgiveness in Rwanda

Meet Alex, a survivor of the genocide in Rwanda who received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift as a child. Watch as he distributes gifts to children in the Rwandan orphanage he grew up in, while also forgiving those who killed his family.

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Operation Christmas Child Full Circle: Oksana's Story

Watch one of the most moving stories of an Operation Christmas Child recipient having her whole life changed over what she found inside her shoe box. Find out what simple item had the biggest impact on her life by watching the video!

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The Livia Satterfield Story

Watch this full circle story of a girl whose life was forever changed by Operation Christmas Child

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