The Greatest Journey

Every shoebox gift delivered by Operation Christmas Child is a tangible expression of God’s amazing love. But a shoebox is just the beginning. It also presents an opportunity in nearly 100 countries for our church partners to invite children into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through The Greatest Journey. The Greatest Journey consists of 12 engaging Bible lessons that local trained teachers are using to instruct the next generation of believers on how to become devoted followers of Christ and boldly share their faith with others. Learn More

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Operation Christmas Child

Angella's Faith

Watch a Malawi village be transformed by an Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift and one child's faith.

Operation Christmas Child

Viorica's Story: Sharing The Greatest Journey

Viorica lives in Moldova, one of the poorest countries in Europe. Her parents fought constantly. She felt useless. When a friend invited her to church, Viorica received a shoebox from Operation Christmas Child that began her journey to finding hope and purpose in Christ.

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What Is The Greatest Journey?

It may start with a shoebox gift, but it doesn't end there. The Greatest Journey is a follow-up discipleship class that equips the local church to help children learn about Christ's love and share their faith with others.

Operation Christmas Child

Veronica's Story

With her mother sentenced to 40 years in prison, Veronica faced her first Christmas in an orphanage. At her lowest point, Veronica received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox that renewed her faith in God and family.

Discipleship & Education

From the Box to the Bible

"It is our desire that every community be reached with the light of Christ." After receiving an Operation Christmas Child shoebox, children are being discipled and learning to share their faith with their community.

Discipleship & Education

A Chance to Succeed: Christopher's Story

He was abandoned by his mother while recovering from illness. Like many children at the Greta Home and Academy, Christopher didn't know God's love in his life. Since being at the Greta Home his life has changed. See his story and what Christopher hopes to be when he grows up.

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The Greatest Journey: Christopher's Story

His friends call him Pastor. Since taking The Greatest Journey discipleship program, Christopher’s life has changed completely. He is now excited and empowered to share his faith with children in his community.

Discipleship & Education


Through The Greatest Journey, children in Georgia are learning that they are not forgotten. They are experiencing the love of their Heavenly Father. The Greatest Journey is a twelve- week discipleship program for children around the world.

Operation Christmas Child

Bringing Light to Cameroon

Watch as a simple gift makes a big impact in places where many children have never received a Christmas present before. Operation Christmas Child spreads the love of Christ in Cameroon through shoebox gifts and the follow-up discipleship program, The Greatest Journey. Entire communities are transformed by the Gospel as young Christians continue to grow in their faith and learn more about Jesus' love and sacrifice for them.

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The Republic of Georgia Changed By The Greatest Journey

Children in the Republic of Georgia have witnessed many terrible things as their country faces times of war. With The Greatest Journey, children's lives are changing as they learn about the love of Jesus Christ and the hope that comes with salvation.

Discipleship & Education

The Greatest Journey Affects Children In Kenya

Watch how The Greatest Journey is helping Kenyan children not only accepting Christ into their lives, but be raised up to make a better and brighter future for Kenya. For more information on how you can get involved in The Greatest Journey, visit

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Images of The Greatest Journey

The faces of children whose lives were forever changed by The Greatest Journey

Discipleship & Education

Mongolian Children Embrace The Greatest Journey

Christianity is fairly new in Mongolia, so it is even more important for strong Christians to be raised up in the area. Watch how the Greatest Journey has impacted the lives of many Mongolian children, teaching them to love and live for the Lord.

Give the Greatest Journey

Watch to learn how you can give a child the gift of The Greatest Journey so they can learn more about the Gospel and Christ's love. Share with your friends!

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Boy's Life Changed

Meet Luis. He was a rebel with no future before him, but after receiving his shoe box through Operation Christmas Child and then graduating from The Greatest Journey discipleship program, his entire life has been changed. Find out more at htpp://

Discipleship & Education

The Greatest Journey Reaches Latvia

Watch Latvian children excitedly graduate from The Greatest Journey discipleship program and find out how you can be a part of the experience by visiting

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Children Worldwide Embark On The Greatest Journey

Watch to find out how the Greatest Journey is changing the lives of children all over the world through a 12-week discipleship class. Discover how you can help us spread the word of God through this program by visiting

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BarlowGirl Helps The Greatest Journey in Belize

Watch Christian musical group, BarlowGirl, reflect on their time in Belize where they helped distribute Operation Christmas Child gifts while also experiencing firsthand the impact The Greatest Journey program has on the local children's lives. To find out how you can help like BarlowGirl, visit

Discipleship & Education

The Greatest Journey Reaches Mexico

Watch how these Mexican children's lives have been changed through the program.